More Short Story Blogs

Want to read more short stories?  Want to have the short story you wrote featured?  Here's a list of blog links that might interest you:

Book Brouhaha - Run by Alain Gomez (me).  I publicly review works that are under 10,000 words on this blog and offer private beta reading services for works 40,000 words and under.  I also do interviews and ramble about being a self-published short story writer.

Short Fiction Spotlight - Run by Jason Varrone.  A short story feature and review blog.  All featured stories must be 40,000 words or under.  All reviewed stories must be 10,000 words and under.

Short Sharp Reads - Run by Andrew Warwick.  Will feature science fiction and fantasy short stories that are 40,000 words or under.  Also writes about short stories he has recently read and current writing projects.

Scattershot Writing - Run by James Everington.  Does not accept submissions but frequently posts his thoughts on short stories he has recently read.  Also writes about writing projects and any new and interesting updates in the short story world.

Short and Sweet Romance - Run by Gabriella Mahoney.  Features any short story that falls in the romance genre and is 40,000 words or under.

Reading the Short Story - Run by Charles May.  An author and English professor.  He reads classic short stories and analyzes them on his blog.  

52 Shades of Short Story - Run by Aelius Blythe.  A short story writing challenge.  See if you can write one short story every week for 52 weeks.

Muzik Chronicles: Serial Science Fiction Stories - Run by Alain Gomez (me).  A world building science fiction blog.  Each post is designed to continue an adventure or add a detail to the universe.  All stories are written flash fiction style (1,000 words or less).  Guest submissions are welcome.

Short Fiction Writers Guild - The Short Fiction Writers Guild was formed to promote the Short Fiction Genre and to connect our member writers with readers who appreciate short stories or are learning to appreciate short stories.

SHORT STORIES (and other random stuff) FOR THE BORED AND EASILY AMUSED - designed by John Allison, to provide things to read for those who appreciate short quirky fiction, and to encourage writers with "writer's block" to just write anything! Posts include short stories (fiction), one act plays, poetry, short non-fiction memoir stories, and even monologues.