Submission Guidelines

All works submitted to Short Story Symposium must be under 40,000 words.  NO novels!  In the body of your email, please include the following information:

-Genre this particular story falls under
-Story type (novella, novelette, etc.).  Please see different types of short stories if you are unsure about this.
-Summary if you are submitting an excerpt
-Excerpt from story or complete flash fiction
-Up to two links where readers may find this or your other work

Note: I'm fine with erotica submissions.  However, I do ask that they are somewhat tasteful.  If your cover is a blatant nude shot, I may not post a picture of your cover.  Also, please keep the excerpts in the "teaser" arena rather than actual "description."

Please do not send any attachments. All submissions should be sent to with "short story symposium submission" as the subject.

Your story will stay in the top post position for one week. The link will be Tweeted and shared on Facebook. Additionally, your feature will be permanently archived on the blog by genre.

All story features are free of charge. Donations to help cover the time/cost of maintaining this blog are greatly appreciated.