Friday, April 27, 2012

"Last Stop, Dullsville" by Walter Conley (Short Story)

Genre:  Crime

Type of Short Story:  Walter Conley

Summary:  A man comes to in a hospital with his mind shattered. Whenpeople claiming to be family drive him to a cabin in the woods, a place known as Dullsville, are they really trying to help him recover? Or setting him up for the most terrifying night of his life?


As he was driving through the woods on a summer evening, a pick-up
truck emerged from a side road and plowed into his door. There was no
move to evade him. The truck didn’t even slow down. They, whoever
they were, had done what they’d set out to do, which was to drive Paul
off the road and into the woods, as hard as possible. Their intent
was to kill him; of this, he has no doubt. Their motive, however,
baffles him. Again and again, while he’s under, drugged into a stupor
on the couch, he is there, winding through the trees, catching a
sudden glare to his left and then pulling back and raising his hands
and screaming.

He has the dream tonight.

When he comes to, it takes a moment for him to recover—not only from
the trauma of the crash, but the fluid pace of the dream, as well. He
sees the white of the cast on his leg, the gunmetal grey of his
crutches, the duller grey of the floor and walls and the hard black
panes of the windows, bare, as they suck in the country dark.

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