Friday, May 25, 2012

Worth the Risk: The Calen Natari Saga (Short Story)

Genre:  Young Adult Science Fiction

Type of Short Story:  Short Story

Summary:  The assassin profession is proving to be more difficult than Calen anticipated. Not exactly overwhelmed with job requests, Calen is forced to land on a nearby planet to hunt for food and find supplies.

A stranger she runs into at the local cantina may be the solution to her problems. He lost his honor but is rich enough to pay Calen to help him regain it. All she has to do is risk her life...


Her feet touched ground with a squish. A thick moss covered the forest floor; proof of the general lack of tourists to these parts. Calen pulled out her data pad and examined her map. The taxi driver had done a good job. She was supposedly only a short walk away from the lost spear’s location.

She pulled her pistol out of its holster and headed toward what would hopefully result in her largest payday yet; the kind of money that made this line of work worth the risk.

There was very little light trickling through the dense forest growth. Fortunately, Calen was a scarlati. Part of what made her species such excellent desert hunters was their ability to see in extremely low light conditions.

A nearby rustle made all of Calen’s senses go on high alert. A mere breeze could have produced the sound but something told Calen that this was no mere breeze.

A sweet, tempting smell filled the air. Calen felt her muscles relax and her mind was soothed as if she shouldn’t have a care in the world. It took every ounce of Calen’s willpower to force herself to shake off the sensation. She had studied predators all her life and she knew what they did to make their prey easy targets.

She was getting close.

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