Friday, June 29, 2012

"Loyal" by Jason Varrone (Short Story)

Genre:  Epic Fantasy

Type of Short Story:  Short Story

Summary:  Renowned knight Sir Dellan is reeling after a brutal attack leaves his king mortally wounded. Dellan seeks answers, and his world is turned on its head once he discovers the truth. Forced to confront the attacker, the knight holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands. This short story by Jason Varrone tells the stirring tale of a knight's devotion as he faces the ultimate test of loyalty.


“It took some time, but I was able to drag King Marek back into his chamber,” Grynne continued. “I had no idea if his attacker was near. He kept trying to speak. The healer came and we placed the king on his bed. The healer did everything in his power, and removing the blade was no easy task. The pain must have been...” Grynne shuddered again, as if feeling the blade himself. “We bandaged him and gave him something to ease his discomfort. King Marek slipped into unconsciousness. I commend the healer's efforts, but he is no god. It is in their hands now. I fear they look elsewhere. The king will be dead before the night is through.”

Dellan listened to the steward’s words, haunted by the scene he described playing out in his mind. His heart beat faster, his adrenaline rising. He felt like he was about to enter a battle. He remembered that same feeling before many such battles, King Marek at his side.

“Was he able to say anything?” Dellan asked, desperate to know who could have done this to their king.

"He did.” The look on Steward Grynne’s face was one that Dellan had never before seen. It was a look of horror, wide-eyed and terrifying. “Two words. It took time to understand him. His voice was so strained. I...” He faltered.

“Steel yourself, Steward,” Dellan said, kneeling before the old man. “Tell me.”

“He said, ‘My son.’”

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  1. I've read "Loyal" and enjoyed it immensely. I think it is wonderful that you are giving new writers another outlet for others to view their works.

  2. Great work, Jason and it's very nice to see this up here on SSS! :)