Friday, July 5, 2013

"Stum: A Short Alien Abduction Story" by Edward Lange (Short Story)

Genre:  Science Fiction

Type of Short Story:  Short Story

Summary:  Tony is being abducted by aliens. As he scrambles to find a way to stop it, the little gray men from the stars have other plans for him.


Then I wasn‘t alone.

My eyelids flew open to see a gray hand hanging just above my head, a black pen-like object grasped in its skinny fingers. They’d found me! They were watching me! Nowhere was safe!

My body was paralyzed. Again, the creatures had rendered me defenseless. Just as before, this alien stood on the right side of the bed. Another one stood on the left side of the bed, pulling a pair of silver-black gloves over his skinny hands. My eyes quickly scanned the room, and couldn’t find a third.

By the light of the lamp on the nightstand, I could see a bright red circle on both their collars. The two figures stared down at me, their eyes assessing my rigid, helpless form.

An intense, bright light appeared on the ceiling, dwarfing the light bulb of the lamp and the glow of the television. My body began to move toward the light, away from the ground below. Frantic eyes searched the motel room for anything that could get me out of this situation. I tried to scream for help. My lips refused to part.

In the corners of my eyes, I could still see the creatures standing by the bed, looking up as I was pulled by the alien light. The one on the right was putting the small black rod into his pocket. The one on the left had raised his gloved hands up, guiding me to the light.

Empty threats and curses struggled to escape my paralyzed lips. My hands tried to ball themselves into fists, my legs tried to kick, but still I was pulled into the light, back to that strange realm of cold steel, and uncaring eyes.

Eventually, the blinding light had consumed my entire field of vision. I lost consciousness at that point.

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