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"Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl" by Tiffany Fulton (Novella)

Genre:  Supernatural Fantasy

Short Story Type:  Novella

Summary:  Bunny Lilka and her friends have just completed another school year as anyone would. They just want to shop and enjoy themselves before high school examinations begin...but who said anything about the origins of the universe and a mishandling of power being on thier exams? If you loved Sailor Moon as a child (and perhaps still do), then you'll love this story!

Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl

Stage 1:

Rebirth of the Stars

A sugar-pink haired, emerald-green eyed girl stands outside on the regal steps of the refined, but old white Victorian style school building.

Ten seconds later...

SFX: (Sound of school bell, clear and strong):


A flood of students-girls dressed in dark mint green and white sailor uniforms with white knee highs and pure white Mary Jane pumps with a 4 ½ inch thick chrome heel and heart-shaped emerald over the adjustable buckle straps and boys dressed in gray and white semi-formal suits and ties cover the stairs immediately, as if the automatic sliding doors to the building can't open up fast enough to let them all escape fast enough. The faculty and staff hurry along after them, loosening up just a little, though most of them are hiding it, just like most of the students are-for that tiny moment, anyway. The girls whip out knives and slash their long, pleated skirts down to makeshift ripped minis, while the boys toss their ties to the wind.

" Ah," says a girl as she walks hand-in-hand with a boy, " It is finally over, right?"

" Yes," says the boy as they hop on a bicycle built for two (him in the front, her on the backseat), " All that cramming was so worth it and now that we have been released from that suffering, we can focus on our future,"

The girl looks at the giant diamond ring on her left hand as it glitters in the afternoon sunlight. "It is beautiful and full of hope, just like our love will be," She says and they pedal away.

The pink-haired girl remains at the stairs for a little while longer, staring up at the building, which is now abandoned and silent. Her child-like eyes are wide and anxious as she folds her hands together.

The future...she thinks, Any future at all...

The girl looks around suspiciously and then leaves the campus, making sure to lock the Black Iron Gate. She stands and waits patiently, though still lost in thought.

Gate Sign:

Avalon Private Academy for the Gifted (APAG)

" Bunny?"

" Eh?"

An ice-blue eyed girl with wavy, whitish blonde hair styled in a ponytail waves a manicured hand in front of the pink-haired girl's shocked face. She wears the same school uniform as the students from the academy. She waves, but the concern on her face does not vanish just yet.

" What's up, Bun-bon? You're spacing out lately...more than usual," the blonde girl says.

Bunny shakes her head, forcing a smile on her face as she comes out of her meditative state. " It's nothing, Elle," She says. " School's finally out and now we have to worry about college entrance exams,"

Eleanor wrinkles her nose in disgust and mutters sarcastically, "Oh joy. I can't wait for that. Time for procrastination!"

Bunny giggles, and Eleanor looks relieved, and then annoyed again as a few more girls walk in their direction.

" Hey girls," Bunny greets them.

" Hi," they greet both girls.

" Eleanor, what's wrong?" asks a shorter girl with straight, black hair and ocean blue eyes. " What are you staring at that requires so much concentration?"

Eleanor grits her teeth and points at Bunny's chest.

" I swear, if she doesn't get a man by her stellar G.P.A., then that will be the reason she marries before any of us do,"

Eleanor has been poking at one of Bunny's breasts with a pencil.

"Can she not feel that or something?" gasps the black-haired girl. " Amazing, her chest bounces,"

Bunny turns red in the face as she insists softly with a not so subtle hint of irritation, "Please don't tease me. I can't take it today."

Eleanor crosses her arms. " I'm jealous. You're so lucky, but you won't even tell your male admirers the time of day at school,"

" They don't like me at all," Bunny insists, " They just love the fact that my hormones wanted an early start, so I went through puberty a little earlier than everyone else in their tweens,"

A dark-brown eyed girl with a bowl-shaped haircut named Evelyn Vega presses her index finger to her forehead. " Why don't we express a different kind of love, like the shopaholics we are?" She suggests with a sly grin.

The other girls stare at her.

"Oh right," says Sari, the black-haired girl, " Why are we still standing here, school ended like thirty minutes ago and we've been running our mouths like we've got nothing else to do. Bunny, are you still treating us to the mall to celebrate graduation?"

The other girls look at Bunny with puppy eyes. She looks at them, thinks, and nods. They walk away from the school, and Eleanor finds herself shoved to the side.

Bunny, Evelyn, and Sari stop walking and hold out their hands to her.

Bunny winks at her. " It's've got the smallest body of us all, so get some patience and grow up a bit more before I steal your thunder,"

Eleanor giggles as they pull her up on her feet. After dusting herself off, she walks off arm-in-arm with her friends.

" Wait a second, Bun-bon," Evelyn says suddenly.

" You didn't slash your skirt," the others add. They watch as Sari hands Bunny a knife.

The girl now wears her own makeshift mini-skirt.

Avalon Prime was the largest and youngest of four major department stores in Avalon, Aria. The girls were now at one of the two hawker centers at the mall, having completed their shopping spree. Each girl had five bags each, overflowing with what appeared to be something that glittered and was expensive.

And yet, they do not even spend half of their money.

The four girls are sitting at a booth, and Bunny keeps looking out of the window. She rests her chin in her hands.

Eleanor sits next to her and notes that Bunny is the only one of them who hasn't taken a bite out of her grilled chicken Cesar salad, which is slightly warm. Sari and Evelyn nod in her direction, and as if on cue, Eleanor links her arm with Bunny's.

She jumps in surprise and looks at her friends, almost guiltily.

" If you're going to sit around and mope about something," Eleanor says, " Then let us join you. Friends don't let friends mope alone,"

Bunny laughed at this, and everyone else joined in.

5:30 pm.

" Thanks for today, Bun-bon," Sari, Evelyn, and Eleanor say as they exit the neon-lit building. The four girls leave the mall feeling very good about themselves.

Sari suddenly starts to shiver, and then her eyes widen.


She falls to her knees for a few seconds, and Bunny helps her back up.

" I felt it," Sari says slowly, " The scent of the wind has changed...there's spilled blood. Lots of it,"

"Sari? Your stomach!" Eleanor gasps.

Sari moves her left hand away from her stomach to reveal a enormous bleeding wound across her stomach, just above her navel.

"Damn it," Evelyn mutters, " Just when we were getting into our vacation, someone has to mess it up every time."

" The sky..." says Sari, "It's not..."

Above them, a swirling mass of black and gray clouds has merged to form a giant funnel, as if a tornado was about to form. Black lighting whips out across the blackened sky, which is tinted with an ominous purple haze of light. Sari looks down at her stomach in shock.

"My wound is gone," She announces. " That was a vision..."

" Can you still smell the blood?" Evelyn asks.

" Yeah," Sari replies, "It's thickened...but what's up ahead of us is unclear by the scent of the damage it's doing. More people are dying,".

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