Friday, November 4, 2011

"End Behavior: Episode 1" by Alain Gomez and Aubrey Bennet (Short Story)

Genre:  Action Adventure, Humor

Short Story Type:  Short Story

Summary:  Manlier than Chuck Norris, suaver than James Bond... Agent Dustin Brass wakes up to find a mysterious package delivered to his expensive bachelor pad. The contents hinting at secrets that could change the face of history.

After having his breakfast spoiled by a volley of bullets and a high-speed car chase, Agent Brass decides that this is one mystery that may very well be worth looking into.

Join him on this first episode of the action packed serial, End Behavior!

Dustin pulled the body towards him. A quick but thorough inspection of his pockets and clothing revealed no identification of any kind. He glanced around at his surroundings. Schnablel’s unorthodox demise had sent the rest of the bistro’s customers fleeing outside in a state of panic. The cops would probably arrive any minute now and having to deal with the authorities was not something that Dustin had the time for at the moment. Hearing a car screech off, Dustin rushed to his Maserati and took off in hot pursuit.

The assassin’s car was not hard to miss. The beastly roar of the Ferrari F430’s V8 could have been noticed from miles away. Not what Dustin would describe as the best getaway vehicle. However, despite the obvious, the villain was exceptionally fast and was soon establishing a sizable distance between himself and Dustin.

“If I don’t do something quick, I’m going to lose him and my only lead to the Professor’s murder,” he muttered.

Reaching down to his armrest, Dustin activated the heat seeking rocket launchers and fired. Just as the twin missiles were about to incinerate the Ferrari, they abruptly reversed their direction and headed straight back toward Dustin.

“SWEET JESUS!” cried Dustin. “He has an anti-polar heat-sensitive chip destabilizer!” Bailing out of his beloved Maserati, Dustin barely had time to reach cover before the shockwave from the enormous blast knocked him unconscious.

He was going to need a little help.

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