Friday, November 23, 2012

"Flight of the Sugar Fairy" by Hudson Owen (Short Story)

Genre:  Children's Story

Type of Short Story:  Short Story

Summary:  Young Meredith looks out her window one day and sees white stuff coming from the sky. It can’t be snow; it’s July! She goes off in search of the source of the white stuff and finds that it’s causing all kinds of problems: on the road, where it melts and causes an accident, on the golf course, where the golfer cannot find his ball. Meredith tastes the stuff and finds that it is sugar! Meredith, a diabetic, tracks down the source to the Sugar Fairy, who bakes for the town, and can’t seem to get enough of a good thing.


The Sugar Fairy stepped outside the kitchen and saw what a truly glorious day it was. Birds were singing in the trees and fluffy white clouds were floating across the brilliant blue sky.

"Sugar is such a treat it shouldn't be confined to the kitchen," she said aloud to Percy the Cat, who was rubbing against her leg. "I think I'll go for a ride."

Percy gave her a look, which she understood immediately.

"Well then, who will mind the kitchen?" she asked.

Percy looked around and saw no one.

So, the Sugar Fairy ran upstairs and put on her flying outfit... and took a large sack of sugar from the pantry...and her special silver scoop...and loaded the sack into her funky old-fashioned airplane.

She pressed the start button and the engine roared into life. Soon the propeller began to hum like a fan on a hot summer day, which it was. And she took off through the field in back of her house.

Up...up...up she soared, so that Percy the Cat grew smaller...and smaller... and smaller, until he appeared no larger than a ladybug. Then he could not be seen at all!

She flew up high into the sky...and then she swooped down

low over the town where everyone ate the cookies, cakes, sauces, and all the other delicious foods she made.

She reached into the back of the plane and opened the sack and filled the silver scoop with sugar.

"Every day is dessert day!" she proclaimed as she poured sugar from the plane.

Lots and lots of sugar.

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