Friday, March 22, 2013

"Hunger" by Patrick Szabo (Short Story)

Genre:  Horror

Type of Short Story:  Short Story

Summary:  Kim and Eric used to date. She broke up with him after a violent confrontation and he went to jail. She has moved on but Eric is out of jail now, stalking her and wants to win her back in his own not-so-charming way. But there is something else out in the world that is stalking him. And it's hungry.


Kim stepped out of the shower and toweled off, exploring her body.
I called Chris beautiful, she thought. I’m not so bad myself.
She finished drying and wrapped the towel around her head. She reached down and pulled a hair dryer out of the cabinet beneath the sink.
Kim grasped the door-knob and opened the bathroom door.


The man began to sweat and his pulse raced in anticipation. His fingernails dug in harder and harder, deeper and deeper, cutting grooves in his palm. Blood trickled off his knuckles and onto the floor.
He noticed the blood and smiled. He licked the sticky liquid from his hand and heard a cabinet door in the bathroom open and close.
The bathroom door opened and Kim emerged, her back to him, walking towards the bedroom. At the sight of her nude body the man felt hot adrenaline shoot into his groin and his penis stiffened. He smiled.
An evil smile.


It sensed something familiar and moved.
It suddenly hungered. It knew one thing and one thing only: it needed to feed.
It moved quickly towards its prey.

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