Friday, May 31, 2013

"At The Apartment" by Katy Baker (Short Story)

Genre:  Erotica

Type of Short Story: Short Story

Summary: It's been a month since college student Lucy Williams was seduced by her best friend's father at his anniversary party. In that time Lucy has done her best to forget Richard Smyth and move on with her life. After all, it's clear their dalliance meant nothing to him. But it's not that simple for Lucy. She can't stop thinking about him. Dreaming about him. So when Richard turns up on Lucy's doorstep unannounced her hopes are rekindled. Are her wildest dreams are about to come true?

Warning: contains sexually explicit material. For adults only.


“Hang on, Lucy.” He caught her wrist as she took a step. 

His deep eyes held her and she longed to fall into them, to drown in him. 

“About what happened at the party—”

Oh no, she thought, tensing. This is it. He’s going to say it. ’It was a mistake, Lucy. It’ll never happen again ’.

She straightened, forcing herself to stare at him without flinching. She refused to be ashamed of what they’d done. Yes, it had been wrong but it had also been beautiful. Amazing.

He stared at her for what seemed an age, eyes intense, lips parted, chest heaving up and down. 

At last, he spoke. “What we did at the party. It shouldn’t have happened. But I can’t help myself, Lucy. God help me, I want you.”

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